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 Post subject: Types and Application of Plastic Profile
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:39 am 
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Types and Application of Plastic Profile
Most of the plastic profile refers to the use of pvc resin as the base material,
adding a variety of complexing agent, through the extrusion process from the cross-sectional
shape of the more complex plastic products. There are many types of plastic profiles,
can be divided into the following categories: 1. Shaped pipe in addition to the general tube and a
variety of cross-section of the pipe, there are wave tube, foam core tube, wire reinforced tube,
fiber reinforced Tube, with a tube waiting for kind of pipe is a special-shaped pipe.
2. Closed hollow profile It is a single hole or porous profile, the cross-section is completely closed,
the middle can be cut off the tendons, plastic doors and windowswall thickness can be different.
3. compartment type profile it is also called compartment type hole profile.
Also a single hole or porous profile, but there are branches that extend beyond the compartment.
4. Open profile It is no hollow room on the section, is a thin-walled profile, such as plastic gutter,
staircase non-slip, skirting board, drawing line and other profiles.
5. Composite profile with two or more than two different properties of plastic by co-extrusion and forming.
Such as hard PVC baseboard, the bottom of the composite with the soft PVC, this baseboard and the ground of the good sealing.
6. Mosaic profile It is in the extrusion process will be metal, wood, fabric and other materials
and plastic made together in order to solve the plastic in the performance of certain defects,
give full play to the two materials Advantages and improve the decorative effect.
7. Solid profile It is extruded solid for other processing of the blank.
8. Low foaming profile its relative density at 0.6-0.95, the expansion ratio of 1-2 times.
The main production of wood products, such as hanging mirror, staircase handrails and so on.
Table 5-4 shows the cross-sectional shapes of these profiles.fluorescent ceiling light plastic cover
Although the cross section of plastic profile is very complicated, but because the plastic is easy
to shape processing, as long as the mold design is reasonable, it can be used extrusion molding method to
obtain products, high production efficiency. Plastic profile has been used in a large number of buildings,
mainly replace the wood made of decoration materials,
such as doors and windows (box), skirting board, drawing line, staircase handrails, rotating shutters, wiring slot board, staircase skateboard, seal Wait

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