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PVC profile performance classification
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Author:  concretemixer [ Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  PVC profile performance classification

PVC profile performance classification
According to the performance can be divided into two kinds of hard and soft.
Hard PVC profiles for building, such as the production of PVC doors and windows, PVC flooring, PVC pipe, etc .;
soft PVC profiles for PVC hoses, transmission cables.
The main function of steel profiles
1, insulation energy: plastic steel multi-cavity structure, with good thermal insulation properties,
low heat transfer coefficient, only steel 1/357, aluminum 1/1250, its economic and social benefits are huge The
2, air tightness: steel doors and windows installed all the cracks are equipped with rubber seals and tops,
so its air tightness is much higher than the aluminum alloy doors and windows, while the plastic doors and windows
open doors and windows of the airtight and higher than the sliding window Of the air tightness. Under normal circumstances,
the flat window of the airtight up to five, sliding window up to two.high quality outward window pvc profile for 65 series
3, watertight: because of steel and steel profiles have a unique multi-cavity structure, have a separate drainage chamber,
whether it is box or fan of the water can be effectively discharged. Plastic flat window of the watertight and far higher
than the sliding window, Under normal circumstances, flat windows of watertight up to five, sliding window up to three to four.
4, the wind pressure: in a separate plastic cavity, can be filled with 1.5 ~ 3MM thick steel lining, and according to the local
wind pressure, the height of the building, the size of the hole, window design to select the steel Thickness and profile series,
in order to ensure the construction of the type of doors and windows of the requirements of high-rise buildings can choose
large-scale sliding window or within the flat window, wind pressure strength of up to six or more, low-rise buildings can be
used outside the window or small cross- Windows, wind pressure intensity is generally in the three.
5, corrosion resistance: steel profiles have a unique formula, with good corrosion resistance, such as the use of anti-corrosion
hardware, stainless steel profiles, the service life is about 10 times the steel window.hot selling ce approved pvc profile for stretch ceiling film
6, weatherability: steel profiles with a unique formula to improve its cold resistance. Plastic doors and windows can be used
for a long time in the larger temperature environment (-50 ℃ ~ 70 ℃), sun exposure, moisture will not make it metamorphic , Aging,
brittle and other phenomena, the first steel doors and windows have been used for 30 years, the material intact, according to projections,
under normal conditions, steel doors and windows life of up to 50 years.

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